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I get asked all the time how I manage Madison’s hair. It’s actually super simple because I can’t braid. To be completely transparent, the more I do it, the more I believe genetics is about 60% of our hair, then the other 20% is products and the final 20% is in your technique. Its been about three years since I’ve been doing her hair. I’ve tried a slew of products and a slew of process and I finally have it down to a science. Here’s the basis of what works for us (additional details on the steps below):

Step 1: Wash and Condition

Step 2: Leave-in Conditioner & Oil

Step 3: Detangle & Style

When I first “went natural” I was told by just about everyone that Denman brushes were the best detangling brushes. Well, I tried it. It was ok. I mean just okay. Better than my combing process but definitely nothing to write home about. Well, Madison’s patience with me tugging at her head grew short and I was forced to have to try something new. I asked my BFF Tiffany, a hair stylist, what should I try. She recommended the WET Brush.  I ordered one and I’ve been in love ever since. This brush has changed our lives. It’s decreased our hair styling time from four or more hours to about two hours max. (Don’t judge us, I spend a lot of time talking her into being patient with me and providing snacks to keep her calm lol).

Anyhow, a few weeks ago I needed to do Madison’s hair and didn’t because I couldn’t find a brush. I ordered a replacement on Amazon and two days later, we made this video, lol. That’s just how bomb it is. I refused to do her hair without it.

Once you start trying products you learn what works and what doesn’t. Right now we are loving our shampoo and conditioner from TheCurlShop. Then for leave-in this cream based coconut conditioner gives her hair a silky feel. As far as oils go, I typically use olive or coconut, whichever I put my hands on first. Lastly, we utilize plain shea butter or Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie. That’s it! I really try to keep spending on products down because the costs add up quickly. We try to save the big spending for our hair accessories because they are just so darn cute.


Here’s a video of our full routine. I hope you enjoy it enough to like, comment, share and subscribe.

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