DIY: Edible Finger Paint

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As always, I’m trying to find different ways to allow baby girl to explore. Today we painted !!!! 

Edible finger paint was super easy! Literally all you need is: 

  • Plain white yogurt
  • Food coloring 
  • Containers and spoons (for mixing) 
  • Plastic covering for a mess (trash bag, shower curtain, etc)


I wanted my clean up to be super simple so I I used to-go dessert containers for my bowl. I put a half cup of yogurt in each container and three drops of food color.

Then mixed it in. Pow! Now you have edible finger paint. ????
 We “painted” outside on a trash bag. She had a blast!!!! I think #YogurtWasted is appropriate here lol

What I would do differently: 

  1. Use a larger piece of plastic 
  2. Tape the plastic to the next surface 
  3. Do much smaller quantities and let her play in her high chair lol — much less work 
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