Toddlers Tresses  101: Getting It All Done

  • Posted by: Altreneasha Ashley

If your toddler is anything like mine, getting her to sit still long enough to get her hair completely done is near impossible. The solution….. do it while she’s occupied; for us, that means while she is in the high chair. I usually get a head start while she’s eating. 

However, if she finishes her food before I’m done with her hair, I’ll clean up her tray and give her a couple of toys. I sing our favorite songs with her and before you know it, we’re all done. If singing and toys don’t do it, as a last resort…… I’ll turn on the TV to Disney Junior ????. (Don’t knock it until you try it.) I promise you’ll get better results than you have right now or else you wouldn’t be reading this post still, lol ????. Hope this helps! 

Pace. Love. Blessings. 

Ash ????

Altreneasha Ashley
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