Don’t Be a Fool; Be Open to Advice.

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This verse spoke volumes to me because I’m very stubborn at times and no matter what anyone says to me that’s just how I’m going to feel. Now, I’ve come a long way in opening up to other people’s advice. It’s not easy but literally Even though I may have know this person was telling the truth I still pushed it out if my head because its not what I wanted to hear. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has done this at sone point in my life.

But anyway

One of my friends sent me this message from her church sermon: Pastor “The devil has his way to use certain ppl. Some cling to certain ones who don’t hold up the mirror. Those who tell you what you DONT want to hear are the ppl who have your best interest at heart. Don’t lose those for the ones who encourage your bad habits”

Right or wrong
Good or bad

I’ve surrounded myself with people who are going to tell me the truth regardless of if I want to hear it or not. Yes Men(someone who agrees with EVERYTHING YOU SAY) don’t have your best interest at heart. For those of you who have ever checked me when I was wrong or simply being selfish , THANK YOU!

Message: Be open to advice. Surround yourself with people you can trust to give you good feedback.

Peace. Love. Ash.


Altreneasha Ashley
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  • Tina

    Yes! It is always difficult to hear what you dont want to. But I also find it difficult to be the person to tell a friend what they need to hear. Some situations are touchy and often times, it’s easier to be neutral so things don’t become heated or awkward. But as a true friend to someone else, it is often necessary.

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