Black Inventors you may or may not know

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It’s February, Black History Month(duh!) but it always amazes me how little some of the younger Blacks know about OUR history.

I teach grades 9 and 11 at a predominately Black school. When Madam CJ Walker was mentioned by one of my students, over half of the class had no idea who she was. Some of you may know but I tend to be very dramatic so I nearly had a conniption when they looked at me with a perplexed facial expression. Then I started preaching. Lol. I’m sure thy have a love/hate relationships with my story telling.

I expressed to them the importance of knowing THEIR history and Shared with them some amazing African Americans and their accomplishments.

I found a website that highlights Black inventors who are, in my opinion, under appreciated. I thought I would share it since my students loved it and were left in shock and awe.

Here it is:

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Love. Peace. Black History Month.

Altreneasha Ashley
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