Daniel’s Fast Day 1

  • Posted by: Altreneasha Ashley

Day one of the Daniel’s fast.

To complete any fast, you must have focus. I’m focusing on maintaining a positive attitude at (almost) all times.

What are you focusing on? Please share.

Keep the faith. Breakfast today I had a banana and cashews. I’m so proud! Lol

Altreneasha Ashley
Author: Altreneasha Ashley

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  • Aunty Faye

    Tune In John 10:27
    In this time of fasting what is your mind tuned to? What distractions do you need to remove so you can focus on God? Prepare your heart to hear the voice of God and ask Him to help you remove distractions that keep you from focusing on Him and hearing His voice clearly. This is my prayer.

  • Aunty Faye

    Frame your world with your words and remember your words consist of your thought life. Be very careful of what you allow your mind to think. You are a sum total of your thoughts. It’s Hump Day of week 1 of the fast. You can make it!

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