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As we drove to Tampa for the Buccaneers versus Patriots game last Thursday, Marcus revealed this is his first time going to a NFL game as a fan. I don’t know why but I was so shocked. I mean of course I knew he couldn’t go to games while playing but I thought he may have gone to one in college or high school or something!

Anyway, it was the perfect game for Marcus and Maddi to experience their first NFL game. One of his good friends plays for Tampa and he was able to see many of his old friends/teammates.

Boy, did they have a blast!! Lol

In anticipation, Madison talked about “the football game” the ENTIRE drive. I’m pretty confident that her experience exceeded her expectations. For starters, she “got a tattoo” that’s she’s still marveling over.

Then she met some of cheerleaders and even did a tuck roll for them lol (gymnastics is paying off).

Of course Marcus had to get in on the cheerleader action lol.

So at this point Marcus is like a kid in the candy store lol.  He kept expressing that although this is a bitter sweet event, it’s pretty exciting to be a spectator, lol.

Madison yelled out for the “Blucs” all night.

Then exhaustion started to kick in.

All in all these two had a great time at their first NFL game. See more pics below:

Oh and look what I found, a picture from Maddi and Daddy at his last NFL game. My how time flies.

Hope you enjoyed our first game experience as much as we did! Do you you remember your first NFL game? How was your experience? Let us know below in the comments.

Peace, love, and blessings ????


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