Let-down or Deliverer?

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Times like these make for great posts… It’s 1am and I’m awake… I’m starting to regret that coffee I had today a little after 2…. Sigh…


Late nights, bible reading, personal experience, and episodes of private practice really help bring things to perspective….

Message for the day, super simple, self explanatory:

“Anyone can talk a good game but a persons actions (over time) is what really makes up their integrity…. Will you prove to be trustworthy??”

Are you a person to sell dreams but don’t follow through with delivering a happy ending?

If you are or if you have ever disappointed Someone it’s not too late. Zebra’s can change their stripes, if they want to.

Oh yea, sometimes we feel pressures to make promises that we know we can’t keep, however, you need to be as honest and realistic as possible when giving your word. If you can’t or will not do something then DO NOT say you can/will!!! It’s just that simple 😉

Don’t at I didn’t warn you. Is hate for you to leave a trail if broken hearts. No matter who it is (family, friends, co-workers, etc) they are all people and gave feelings. Follow through.

Your destiny is in your hands. Will you be the let-down or the deliverer?

Altreneasha Ashley
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