Smarty Locks and the Unforgettable Zoo

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Smarty Locks was so excited for her class trip to the zoo. However, when the day finally arrives, there seems to be a change in plans. Despite her disappointment, Smarty Locks comes up with a clever way to still have the incredible day she hoped for.

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Fields trips are all the hype until, well, they just don’t happen as planned. I love that Smarty Locks demonstrates concepts of flexibility, ingenuity and the ability to improvise. Although Smarty Locks’ trip took a turn for the worst, she found a way to make the best with what she had. Smarty Locks emerged as a quick-thinking leader, thus instilling desirable qualities in your little ones (and remind you to step it up a bit).

Presentation matters so much when it comes to reading as most people select books based on their cover. Although this is unfair, it stands to be true, most of us want the bigger packages as we assume bigger means better. In this case, author Marilyn Harary, exceeded all my expectations. Smarty Locks and the Unforgettable Zoo is simply amazing. The illustrations are immaculate, the pages are huge, and the storyline is impeccable!

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A (very appreciated) bonus was the diversity of the characters in the book.


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Smarty Locks and the Unforgettable Zoo  


Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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