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I receive daily devotionals from my church via email and I’m always wow’d by them, but this one in particular hit home for me and I’m sure it will for many of you. As a part of human nature we fix things that are broken, or we try to at least. When the car breaks down, we take it to a mechanic. When our led breaks on our pencil, we sharpen it. When we break a bone, we go to the doctor. When We get so caught up in fixing we sometimes develop anxiety or experience stress. That’s also common when planning things such as events or out lives. When fixing, planning, and being in control of things that we forget how to trust. Simply trust in God(or your higher being).

I hope you find it helpful. ((See below))

Do you always have a back-up plan in case things don’t go the way you think they should? Have you noticed that the more you try to “fix” things, the more anxiety you experience? The Bible says, ‘The mind of the flesh […sense and reason…] is death…But the mind of the…Spirit is life” (Ro 8:6 AMP). “Fixing” is the opposite of . “trusting.”

Now God doesn’t want you to be mindless or helpless, He just wants you to live by faith and not head knowledge. When you learn to trust God and operate in “the mind of the Spirit,” you experience peace even when you’re surrounded by tough circumstances. One of the pitfalls of human reasoning is that it causes you to become double minded and stuck: “A man of two minds [is] unstable and unreliable and uncertain about everything” What frame of mind do you live in?

Instead of always trying to figure everything out, learn to be comfortable not knowing and trust the One who does. Decide that each time you feel anxious you’ll stop and pray: “Lord, I’m not going to try to figure this out myself, I’m bringing it to You, trusting You for the answer.” When you stop struggling with the whens, wheres, whys and hows, you start experiencing God’s peace in a way you never have before. You also put yourself in a position where God can intervene on your behalf. So stop trying to control everything!

Thus idea of fixing less and trusting more was very enlightening to me. It’s no easy task but through prayer and worship I plan to continue strengthening my relationship with God and trusting him completely.


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  • Toni

    I stopped creating backup plans about a year ago. Backup plans brought me unwanted desperation and unnecessary affliction. I prayed and cried out loud to God asking him for a sign when the sign was there all along. IM STILL HERE! I AM ALIVE! AND I AM HEALTHY! As long as I maintain foward progress, there will be no need for a backup plan. Recognizing that God is thee ultimate creator was the best epiphany I could ever chance upon! Love this lady

  • Mia

    I read this before I got ready for class… it opened my eyes a lot because there are times I would try to fix EVERYTHING and it wouldn’t be right so i’ve stepped back and chilled out.

  • Tina

    I definitely find myself trying “fix” everything. I’m the type to worry about EVERYTHING so I know that I need to work on my faith and I try to every day. This was such a positive and uplifting message. It reminds us to “let go and let God”.

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