Hello world! I’m a Family Therapist (receiving supervision) in the Metro Atlanta area. I’ve been blessed with the gift of becoming a mother after having too much fun on our honeymoon. I’m learning to balance being a wife, mommy, daughter/sister/friend, and still have time for myself. It sounds near impossible , but I’m determined to master it all .

For the first few years after college I was sure I knew what the future held for me but I was quickly struck with a dose of reality. All in all, I’m grateful for my experiences, both professional and personal, as they’ve led me to finally pursuing a passion of mine, spreading the gift of love and education through parenting. As an in-home clinician I work with families to help enhance parent and child relationships. Over time, lots and lots of time, I’ve witnessed frustrated parent become empowered with tools to parent more effectively. I’ve also seen children grow from struggling in school to excelling. More importantly, I’ve seen families bond and become more united. ┬áIf I can replicate what happens in session across the world (or even a few households) then the mission would have been fulfilled. I hope you join my family and I as we continue to “connect hearts” and spread the love. If nothing else, I’m sure it’ll be entertaining.

Thank you. Be Blessed.

Ash <3

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