Altreneasha Ashley


Phone: 678-664-8191


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Ashley

    I love reading your blog and I also follow you on ig(I hope I don’t sound stalkerish) lol. Anyway I was wondering if you could do a blog on your blending techniques when you wear weave, especially since you’re natural. I’m also natural and I still haven’t figured out the “perfect” blending techniques just yet!

    1. WholisticallyMe

      Lol of course you don’t sound stalkerish. What’s your IG name?

      I’m glad you enjoy the blog. Thank you for taking the time out to read it and comment. I can do a post on it, you may be disappointed/shocked to see what I actually do, lol, but I will work on a post for u…. 😉

      1. Ashley

        Lol I’m glad I didn’t sound stalkerish ! My ig name is ashley_cruder

        I find it very easy to read your blog because you have very informative, relatable and helpful posts, so thanks for that. I always search YouTube videos for blending techniques but none of them really achieve the natural looking result I want. Even though you think I might be disappointed in what you actually do I’m sure I’ll love it 🙂

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