Getting fit: My three-year journey.

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Everywhere we go we hear about weight loss this and weight loss that but how many people actually think “oh I’m fat and I NEED to be smaller?!” uhhhhh I don’t know about you, but I know I didn’t. I felt like I was thick, I looked good, my butt was big, thighs tight, and stomach pretty flat (to be my size) so I was content. Honestly,  I thought I was the finest thing since Janet Jackson. I’d internalized the fact that I would always be heavy considering genetics (all the women on my mom’s side of the family are bottom heavy). Only one family member was considered to be slim, and compared to other “thick” girls I WAS fine (my opinion), lol.
When I noticed I was overweight:
By the time I graduated from FSU(December of 2009) I weighed 175 pounds and didn’t  know it. Part of the problem was that in college I did not have a scale, so once I moved back home and stood on the scale I was literally in shock and awe.
So between getting on the scale and having to buy size 15 pants from the juniors department I knew it was time to make a difference. I
When I began doing something about it:
Moving back home naturally caused me to shed some weight. For example, I started eating at home more and eating fast food less. Once I started teaching I would  be busy (working) and not home snacking in between classes, going to Starbucks for breakfast, or McDonald’s at 3am after the club. So I effortlessly lost about 10 pounds in a year(2010).
I also started exercising with the marching band at the high school I worked at. That didn’t last long.
I went to a couple hip hop dance classes, but  That didn’t last long either.
So then (2011) I was 165 pounds and at a stand still.
When I REALLY got active:
My life changed drastically. Due to a change in leadership, I lost my job (then got hired at a new school), I broke up with my boyfriend (we are back together), and I was taking 9 credits in graduate school. Whew! I really had a lot going on at one time but I refused to be defeated. When I was sad/mad/angry, I’d get up and work out. It finally go tto a point where I actually joined a gym since there was a gym by my job that charged $10 a month. This was one of the best things that could’ve happened to me.  I started working out either before or after work about 2/3 days a week. Not only did it do wonders physically but mentally as well. It was seriously a stress reliever. I would get lost in the songs that listened to and sing my little heart out (well, not literally).
When I REALY REALLY got active:
The holidays came around(2011) and by then I was about 160 pounds. My pastor encouraged the entire church to do the Daniels fast(I have a post on that) upon the start of the new year as a sacrifice to God.  21 Days Of meat less, dairy less, junk food less eating. That’s when I got down to my smallest weight (which at the time was 150).
Learning to maintain:
Once the fast was over (I have a post on that) I slowly but surely started packing on the pounds and a few weeks after the fast I was 156 pounds.
I’m at a point where I balance exercise and eating right and maintain between 149 and 152. Which is pretty good, but I’d like to be 145 pounds. I’m thinking about going for a 6 pack too, lol.  I have to up my workouts and keep with the smarter eating habits.
One of the biggest but most simple changes that made a huge difference for me was taking my lunch to work. Why? Because I cant eat what I dont pack. My downfall, however, is the Weekend. Ugh!!
But Ok enough about me.
What are your weight loss goals? What are you doing to meet them?Or if you’ve met your goals, how did you do it, how are  you managing to keep it off?
Altreneasha Ashley
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  • j_antwonette

    Ash, I’m inspired! Not only are you shining on the outside, but I can feel the essence of your inner beauty. BeYOUtiful are you!

  • Mia

    I love your blog! I want to be at 135 my max is 145 for my height now I’m away in school I still try to maintain my weight I go to a cardio fitness class twice a week bit I’m thinking about doing another fitness class to maintain my weight..

  • Whitney

    Hey Ash I love ur blogs, weight lost is a big challenge for every one, you kno we grew up together and I been a big girl all my life which I dont mind, but u can be a big girl and stay healthy also I been doing this workout called cross fitness I fell in love with it I don’t even go to the gym no more I lost 15 pounds since I been doing and it shows. I do it three times a week and when I’m mad or sad or even when something is bothering me I also use ur method and that’s when I go to the gym sometimes it’s 12 I’m the morning I go depending on how I feel but yea that’s some of the things I do to stay fit

  • I absolutely love your blog! Your entries are so positive and motivating. You look amazing and should be really proud for completing the 21 day fast. Eating clean isn’t easy! I found your site through my friend’s Instagram and it’s amaze! Thanks for your posts.

  • xoxojoannexoxo

    Thanks for this post Ash! Weight loss is always a hot topic and im glad u shared ur story. it reminds me that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel on those days when i dont wanna work out. Lol. Proud of ur progress and lovely blog!:)

    • Thanks Joanne!!!!! Yesterday I did not want to run at all, but I manages to do a mile and a half… Anything is better than nothing… And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! 🙂

      Thanks for the support!

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  • Lost_girl09

    Im 22, I’m overwieght, I have a three yr old daughter and I’m at a point in my life where I don’t know my purpose. I really want to do Better but I guess my excuse is my situation prevents me from moving anywhere in my life. I use to have drive, courage, confidence and be a lot smaller; but I really don’t know what happened. If you can some advice please and Thank you!

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