Toddler Tresses 101: Twists 

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The most difficult part of having a little girl is knowing what to do to baby girls hair. Unfortunately, I can’t braid. How am I a Natural haired Black girl who can’t braid?! I have nooooo idea!!! Ugh!! Anyway, I twist everything from my hair to baby girl’s  hair and it works just as well for us. One of my favorite, takes-a-little-time-to-get-it-all-done-but-it’ll-last-all-week styles are TWISTS! Super easy and super fun. 

Anyway, here’s how to:

  1. Wash & detangle
  2. Post wash regimen (LOC – leave in, oil, cream)
  3. Section off into about 4-6 areas
  4. Part smaller sections, literally taking two locks of hair and twisting them around one another — think rope or Twislers 
  5. Add a headband or a hair bow and enjoy  

Peace. Love. Hair grease.

-Ash & Maddi

Altreneasha Ashley
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