Marvelous Mommy Mention: Symone Ambrose

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A few months ago I decided to highlight marvelous mommies on my blog. Moms work super hard and deserve to be acknowledged and praised every now and then. You’d be surprised how far a “I’m so proud of the work you do” statement will go. Well, I created the section on my blog but to no surprise, I never actually posted about a mommy.   

I’m proud to announce that today’s Marvelous Mommy Mention is dedicated to one of my dearest friends, Symone Ambrose. I’ve never been more proud of a friend. It’s nothing like seeing one of your friends struggle and then conquer their wildest dream. It’s even more of a celebration when that friend is a single mom and full time student because works super hard. 

It was a few years ago when Symone set out on a journey to become a registered nurse. As always, when working on something life changing, you’re bound to face many obstacles and hardships. Some may become overwhelmed and give up once they stumble across the slightest sign of difficulty but not Symone. This dedicated momma kept pushing and praying, doing everything for her daughter’s sake. Well, this past week, Ms. Symone passed her licensing exam and is officially a registered  nurse!!!! 

Join me in congratulating this mommy-nurse on a job well done!!! Blessings  to you on the start of a fulfilling career!!

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Peace. Love. Ash. 

Altreneasha Ashley
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