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Hello world!!!

Welcome to Striving for Wellness. I am Ashleigh and I’m  working to find and solidify myself as a person in a more positive way. In doing so, I’ve discovered “holistic living”. I dont know about you, but I have always been misled about what holistic living really is. (W)Holistic living is the act of having all four parts of your self in alignment to achieve the goal of “wellness”.

The four parts of self which must be aglined are: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. The AHHA decribes them as:

  • Physical you(your body)–your tangible structure and the five senses which enable you to touch, see, hear, smell and taste the world around you
  • Emotional you(your feelings)–your range of emotions from fear and anger to love and joy
  • Mental you(your thoughts)–your knowledge, attitudes and beliefs; your analytical self
  • Spiritual you (your spirit )–your relationship with yourself, your creativity, your life purpose, and your relationship with a Higher Power.

All of these aspects work together to make you a whole person. What happens to one aspect can affect all the other aspects.”

Think of it as a team. If all the players on the team are in balance then the tell should be “WELL”.

I’m embarking on this journer to a better me, simply, I’m Striving for Wellness. I hope you will join me on indulging in this new outlook on life.

Love, peace, happiness.

Ashleigh <3

Altreneasha Ashley
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