Bust a Move

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Literally. Get up and bust a move.

I have been so inspired to be amazing in life. Sure we all have at some point but today the feeling was relentless, so I felt it was my duty to share the passion I feel in an attempt to (as the old fold would say) “light a match under ya a**”  to help get you going as well.

Sure we’ve all watched Steve Harvey’s video on  Jumping but how many of you have even walked to the ledge of the cliff since you’ve watched it?!

Last week I felt overwhelmingly tired of “the struggle”. I knew I wasn’t ready to give up but I was so frustrated that although things were moving I still felt stagnant. Between yesterday and today God gave me a couple of signs that provided a glimmer of hope. Although “the struggle” is FAR from being over, my heart is content with the work I’ve put in and grateful for the things God is putting in place for me. If knowing that greater is coming isn’t enough then maybe this will.

Four things are certain:

  1. You will face hard times whether you jump or not — Honestly, you’re probably going through something now or you wouldn’t be contemplating jumping in the first place
  2. The time will pass anyway — I can’t stress this enough.
  3. You only get one life — Even if you try and fail at least you can say you have it your all
  4. Faith without works is DEAD!! (It’s in the bible ????)

Now play Mary Mary’s Go Get It, say a prayer, and bust a move!!!!

Peace. Love. Ash.

Blessings to you all ????????

Altreneasha Ashley
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