DIY: Christmas Ornament to Mark Special Occasion 

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Intagram started running ads earlier this year and I was furious lol. I really wanted to see content of my “friends” and not those of companies. Anyway, I fasted from social media for a bit so the ads were the least of my worries. Once I returned I saw the most amazing ad ever from Peak Sweet Tea showing you how to make picture Christmas ornaments for your family. Maybe these ads aren’t so bad after all?! 

Here’s the link if you want to make one still. It’s not too late it was super easy!!!

  • What I would have done differently: I would’ve spray paints the rings gold to match the gold balls on my tree but all in all I love it. 

Anyway, I am overjoyed that God’s grace and mercy allowed my husband and I to out has our first home this year. Until now, I’ve refrained from doing a PSA (public service announcement) because I’m so annoyed with how materialist our society has become. I attribute most of this to social media. If it wasn’t for my fast, I too would probably still be one of those girls who just wanted to show the girl her possessions. The only reason I’m sharing now is because my ornaments were of no cost because I already had everything (if having everything means I “borrowed” the mason jar kids from my mother’s home ????lol) and they were so darn cute!!!!! Anyway,  We went from sharing one bedroom with our daughter to having more than enough space for her to play both indoors and out. God is so so so so amazing!!!!!! Some days I’m still in disbelief as he has really kept my family and I covered over the years. God never ceases to amaze me. 

 If you create your ornaments please share pics Below. I would absolutely love to see them. 
Peace. Love. Blessings. 

Ash ????

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