Don’t Sell Your Soul

  • Posted by: Altreneasha Ashley

Some ppl literally sell their souls to the devil just to say I have XYZ. Prime example of why you shouldn’t envy ppl because of their “status”.You never know what they did to get what they have.IMG_1305.PNG

Altreneasha Ashley
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  • Brittnie

    This post is everything all in one. Our generation ( you’re a year older than me I belive, we both went to Carol City) is so caught up in having the latest and greatest, and then being envious of one that does. It’s very sad, we should learn to appreciate what we have and not belittle others. Your such an inspiration I follow you on IG( not a stalker) , lol but it’s great to have someone my age that’s doing well accomplishing dreams and goals, and truly believes in God. I wish you and your husband nothing but pure prosperity and congratulations again on everything including the baby????????????

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