Don’t spend your life in “Draft” mode

  • Posted by: Altreneasha Ashley

Procrastination and a false sense of “I’m super busy” will have you spending your life in DRAFT mode. I initially set out to resume blogging on a regular basis which is at least once a week. Well, I came to create a post and realized I had a coupe of  “drafts” just sitting in the WordPress app waiting to be completed and published. Sigh. These drafts were created 25 and 50 days ago!!!! Wow! What have I been doing over the 50 days that I couldn’t complete these posts?! ……. Blah!

I said all that to say, stop procrastinating and get it done. The time will pass anyway so you might as well be productive. Complete something TODAY that has been on your to-do list and left by the wayside. You don’t want to spend your life starting things and never completing them.


Altreneasha Ashley
Author: Altreneasha Ashley

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