Harsh Reality of Homelessness

  • Posted by: Altreneasha Ashley

Working with women in the homeless population has really humbled me. Have you ever stayed up all night not because you wanted to but because you HAD to?! For some of the women here who can’t find a bed at a shelter they sit at the train or police station with their eyes open all night and if they close them they have to get out.

Do you know what it’s like at night here? Wet, dark, freezing cold, and sometimes women even get beaten up. My eyes water as I type this post. I wish I was in a place to take them in and give them a warm plate of food, heat, a shower, and a coat.

Don’t get me wrong there are organizations that exist to help meet these needs but the demand is bigger than the supply.

It’s really sad and unfortunate what goes on in these United States of America.

Altreneasha Ashley
Author: Altreneasha Ashley

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