I Can’t Go Back

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After God has delivered you from a negative place you will be enticed to go back to your old ways. Don’t succumb to temptation. Stand firm and don’t falter. God’s will for you is greater than anything you may be facing.

We all have our various struggles be it over-spending, lying, adultery, stealing, gossiping, being negative, lacking compassion for others, arrogance, lacking faith, etc. NOTHING IS TOO GREAT GOD!!!!

Put your trust in him and don’t turn back to your old ways.

((How ironic that I almost skipped out on church this morning!!! Lol Today’s service really inspired this post))

Here’s the link to one of my favorite song that encourages you not to go back to the way you used to be.

Keep the faith!

WILLIAM MCDOWELL – I can’t go back

I Can’t Go Back


Altreneasha Ashley
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