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A year a go I unknowingly began this journey to holistic living starting with my hair. Now I don’t know about you but ALL of the women I know take pride in their hair and how it looks. God forbid something happens and they have to CUT IT OFF! O_O

Well in February of 2011 that is exactly what I did! I BC’d(big chop) after only 11months of transitioning and ended up with a cute little Fro…

11 months later and my hair touches my shoulders and is heading toward my back…. Today I got it straightened and thus far I am happy with my results…

Here are some photos from the BC to today 🙂











Altreneasha Ashley
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  • Toni

    Love it!!!! I’m so tempted! I already got over the “fear of no hair”. It’s just that perm…smh…but yours is coming along nicely; good look 🙂

    • Thank you Toni!!!! I absolutely love you with short hair… I almost didn’t have an option when it came to going natural, but your hair is beautiful the way it is 🙂 BUT if you decide to let go of perms, lmk…. 😉

  • Girl oh Girl!! Brings tears to my eyes! 😀 I didn’t realize your hair grew so much! I’m going on my 3rd year and I’m still in shock at how its PAST the length it was when I first cut it. But Love the hair, and the color (Of course)! You even inspired me to update my blog as well 😀

    #TeamNatural #Natural&Color 😀

  • Tina

    I still remember back in high school when you said you wanted natural hair to rock with big wooden earrings LOL!!! I never thought you would do it but you did and I love it on you. I go back and forth between deciding to be natural but I am trying a HHJ (healthy hair journey) where I will focus on having healthy relaxed hair. We’ll see. I change my mind every other day lol.

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