Is Couponing Really Worth It?

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The couponing world can be very mysterious. After wondering how it all works I went on my first haul a couple of months ago with one of my church-family members. It was interesting. I purchased 10 bottles of Tide, 6 bottles of Clorox, paper plates, etc. it was a great first time haul but I thought I would spend less. I can’t recall exactly but maybe I didn’t about $45 dollars. I did get CVS extra bucks back but I didn’t use them before they expired soooooo yea it doesn’t count in my book. 

Since I’ve been unemployed, I’ve been maximizing my time doing things I always wanted to do. Last night I spent an hour on Instagram exploring couponing pages. Today, I couponed ! Lol. What most people don’t tell you is: 

  • you HAVE to buy the coupons or go though a lot to acquire them on your own
  • Stores are getting smarter and making it more difficult to allow shoppers to get huge hauls for very little 

That left me wondering if it was worth it. Well, I acquired the following: 


  • 16, $0.60 Dawns
  • 2, (free) 24 packs of Nestle waters 
  • 12, $1.50 various Scrubbing Bubbles products 
  • 1 Softsoap hand soap 

(The prices above are after all the coupons and discounts.) 

Totaling (including tax ????) $34.75. I purchased $3.25 in coupons online. Grand total of $38.00 for 31 items which ends up being roughly $1.23 per item. I think that’s pretty darn good. It’s like shopping at dollar tree but getting too if the line products. 

Some may say this is wasteful to have to much, but it literally saves you so much money in household items. I have not purchased bleach or laundry detergent since my haul in October. Actually, I still have 6 containers of tide and 2 bottle of bleach. 

I am a firm believer in couponing and some deals actually  are with it. I don’t believe, however, people should just coupon to say “hey look what I have!”I will continue to coupon for my family’s necessities but that’s about it. My next haul will be for toilet tissue, paper towels, and deodorant. I can’t wait! 

Hope this helps some of you with deciding if you should coupon or not. 

Oh and the IG page I really learned a lot from was @couponthang. 

Good luck and happy savings!!!! 
Be blessed. 

Ash ???? 


Altreneasha Ashley
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