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I’ve always wanted to be a stay at home mom for my children’s first two years of life, but God’s will did not allow for that. For a while I struggled with finding peace with going back to work after my daughter, Maddi, was born. I felt ungrateful because I was allowed to live out what I (thought) desired so much, to work again. 

 Anyway, on November 5th my job announced that we would close in thirty days due to funding (our DCF contract was not renewed). At first I was a little shocked, unsure of what the future held but oddly relaxed.  I applied for jobs galore for a few days (I mean at least 10 a day) and then I just stopped. One day after praying, God comforted me letting me know things would be ok. I still apply for positions but now I apply with genuine interest rather than in panic mode. 
I’ve taken solace in knowing I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to live out my other dream of being a stay at home mom. I’m not sure when I will become employed again but I firmly believe this period of “unemployment” is God’s will. He knows my heart and I really desired to spend more time with my first born. 

I’m making the best of my opportunity by making it as meaningful as possible. From arts and crafts to reading books, every moment with my princess is cherished. It’s far from easy but I love it. I can’t believe she’s actually in her crib and taking a nap. #SmallVictory lol. I’ve created a schedule for us and I’m doing my best to provide her with an enriched learning environment. The icing on the top: I even got to workout yesterday and we will go for another walk once she wakes up and have her snack. 

All in all, I’m “making the most of it“. Often times we are so busy complaining and worrying that we don’t enjoy the very things that  have been gifted to us. I’m challenging you take advantage of a situation that may have been devastating. Turn that lemon into lemonade ???? (and don’t forget to thank Him for it all after). 

Remember: Proverbs 16:9 (NLT) We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. — so trust His guidance, it’ll be worth it.  

 Peace. Love. Blessings. 
Ash ????

Altreneasha Ashley
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