No shopping for a month!!! ((yikes!))

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Somethings we take for granted and even complain when we gave no right to. Since I’ve been a case manager my eyes and heart have been opened. There people in this world who can count the number of shoes they have on one hand and have to do laundry once a week in order to have clean clothing for another week. Thing like this reminds me of how much we take small pleasures for granted. 1 Timothy 6-8 tells us that if we have enough food and clothes we should be content for we came into the world with nothing and we will leave the sand way.

While I am truly grateful for being able to have so many marerial things I know there’s more to life abd more to mysekf than clothes and shoes. In the words of my pastor “you are more than stuff.” With that being said, for the month of July I forbid myself to buy a new piece of clothing or pair of shoes because there is no NEED for more clothes/shoes, only a mere want. If that means making alterations to clothing I already have then so be it. A good thing is I’ll have to challenge myself to get creative, put together new combinations, and still be cute 🙂

In addition, I will also go through my over stuffed drawers to donate them to a local clothing bank, Goodwill, or thrift store.

I chose to highlight clothes and shoes first but this entire concept can be applied to all aspects of life.


-To be less materialistic
-To not be wasteful
-To develop a greater appreciation for things I take for grated
-Clean my closet and drawers
-Donate clothes to thrift store, Good will, or clothing bank
-Get creative, create new combinations, and be cute 🙂

Join me on this challenge! Be blessed!

Peace, love, Ash <3


Altreneasha Ashley
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