Part Two: Weight Loss Journey

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Like all things, a new car, your nails, your hair, if we don’t continue to perform maintenance of some sort on them it will decrease in performance and or appearance. Well, the same is true for your weight. Many of us strive to get it off and then we gain it back slowly but surely. This is the reason I absolutely LOVE ItWorks. Many people want to know “does our stuff really work?!” and


the truth is yes. The only difference is everybody has different results. Anyhow, my favorite products that has allowed me to maintain what I’ve lost thus far is the fat fighters and defining gel. I use both just about everyday.


Fat fighters are pills you take after eating a fatty meal. It absorbs the oil and fat from the meal so that your body does’t have to.



Defining gel is a my best friend. It helps me with cellulite in my thighs, Many of our clients have transformed parts of their body with this stuff. Its like creamy crack really lol. I use it on my thighs religiously to fight cellulite and feel tight. It allows me to wear shorts again and not feel embarrassed.

Definign Gel

The best part is the products are all natural, which I absolutely adore because I try to do things more naturally when possible. I just wanted to take the time and give my personal testimony on how itworks helped me, and maybe I’ve inspired someone to live the life they want to. We can’t help the body we were given but what we can help is how we treat it.

Eat decent, lol.

Exercise as often as possible.

and let ItWorks, do the rest.

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