Preparing for What Lies Ahead

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Steve Harvey hit the nail on the head with this one. After seeking employment in another city/state for three months, I’m talking interviews, second interviews, background checks, the whole shabang, nothing seemed to work out. With my gut (AKA conscious BKA Holy Spirit) told me nothing was fully coming together because I was ill prepared AND had not been acting on my faith. 

Well, when I got back in town, after my 989771567838th interview, I decided to act in my faith. I resigned from  my new job in Miami and began to pack my house.  I set a date and started preparing to move. Later that week I applied for a few more jobs away. Low and behold, I was invited to interview. I was offered the job (family therapist) on the spot and proceeded to do fingerprints. Later that day my hire packet was emailed to me. The next day before my flight left, I looked for housing options and child care facilities for my baby girl. I started my position, in a new city and state, exactly 3 weeks after I interviewed. Which was the same month I’d planned to move anyway.

God is in the business of granting our wishes but we have to do our part. Faith without works is dead. Check out Steve Harvey’s Video of course his delivery was better than mine lol.
Prepare for what lies ahead.
Be blessed.

Ash <3

Altreneasha Ashley
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