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Doing some cleaning up before bed and thought of this picture I saw online, so I decided to write down my thoughts. I’m going to pay for this tomorrow because its 2:30am and I have to be to work at 9am :-/ but whatever. Oh and I hope there aren’t any major typos, I’m super tired. Good Night.

For your pessimist this has NOTHING to do with my boyfriend, lol 🙂 Enjoy the post!


I don’t know why but for some reason we, as a people, ((not that we can be anything else, lol)) sometimes struggle with letting people out of our lives.

Since I’m a Pinterest addict I always come across the cutest little sayings and this one helped me to realize that I have to know when people’s part in my story is over.


It’s not easy for me because I tend to care too much all the time, but I get it honestly from my mother. Sometimes it seems as if that same person who had me up in the wee hours of the morning, in a daze at work, or crossed my mind at the traffic light can care less about me. When I love and when I care, I give my all. Friend, family member, co-worker, it doesn’t matter. So when it’s time to finally close that portion of my life it’s a challenge. An even greater challenge presents itself after you’ve moved on other people around you may not have and you’re still connected to this person even when you don’t want to be, UGH, lol Don’t play! you know you have that one person you’ll alway see/hear about even when you don’t want to because someone you are close with is still close to them. Just as I though 🙂

But Ive realized, when you’ve ((either you alone or both of you)) tried all you can and all the signs are telling you to, let it go.


At random times I get the urge to reach out to them, but then I search for strength not to. Maybe, just maybe things are meant to be the way they are.

Even when you’re missing them like crazy and something reminds you of them just think about it for a minute and before you know it the thoughts will be out of your head.

I say this because on the few occasions where I have made so called amends, the story still ended up the same. Nothing has changed. There is no way things will get better, so I’ve learned to not even bother.


In my moments of weakness I find myself asking God to help me through this obstacle, bless those Who are no longer in my life, and to give me the strength to leave them where they are.

If God felt the need to close that chapter, don’t you be foolish enough to go and open it!


At first it may seem like one of the hardest things you’ve done in your life but over time it gets easier and you feel better. There will be a time when you realize how much more amazing with out them. When you do, not if you do but when you do, you will simply say “Lord, I thank you.”

I’m ever so grateful for the push to let up and allow then to stay gone. The peace and serenity obtained after letting go of your burden is priceless.

Message: some people are meant to stay in your life and some aren’t. Learn the difference and don’t be afraid to let go. It’s really hard, but it’s very necessary.




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