Things Happen… Now what?!

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In life, things happen. Period. Lol just kidding. Things can and will happen. Some we may influence and some we may not. Some we can control and some we can not. However, What we can control is what we do after a situation. No matter who is right, wrong, innocent, or guilt, we can continue to wallow in our misery or we can move forward.

Moving forward may not be easy but it sure beats rolling around in misery. When miserable (at the bottom) the only place you can go is up.

If your circumstance of misery is based on a family member, friend, or loved one it WILL hurt more than if it was a stranger or enemy.

You all may disagree on the situation BUT when it’s all said and done you have to make a decision about where they stand in your life. Is this thing that happened serious enough to end your relationship? Or is it something you can work past?

Be honest with yourself. The relationship may be damaged beyond repair or you can really want to mend it. Either way, don’t allow your pride or others opinions to keep you from what you really want.

Lastly, make the decision clear to yourself and the individual. The two of deserve to have clarity on your situation/circumstance. Too many people are walking around bitter, angry, and aren’t enjoying life because of something that happened that they have yet to fully deal with.

Give yourself peace and give the other person peace by having this conversation and making a decision. If you don’t know what to do, how to do it, consult The Lord. Fast and pray for guidance. He will deliver.

Altreneasha Ashley
Author: Altreneasha Ashley

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