What matters more to you, what man thinks or what God thinks??

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Before you answer this, think about your actions.

Many of us say, “only God can judge me”, “I don’t care what people think”, “I’d rather have nothing with God than everything without him”, etc. but we don’t live out lives in that matter. Some people will spend their last dime to keep up with the Jones’ and others will do immoral things (steal, fraud, etc) to make people believe they are all if that but won’t even tithe.

Who are you really??not what you look like, not what you drive, not what degrees you have, not what your kids turn out to be, not how good of a person your grandmother is, but WHO ARE YOU?! When you look in the mirror are you happy with yourself? Do you know your true self? Does God know your true self? Are you showing the world your true self?

I’m concerned because it seems as if we live in a society where people are only concerned about material things and superficial items that mean nothing. I’m not saying you can’t look good, but there’s a difference between going above and beyond trying to impress man and just being yourself. Truth be told, some of you don’t even like dressing up, it’s like in Love and Basketball when Q told Monica “You’re trying to wear shoes you can’t even walk in” just to be apart of the crowd.

Now I’m no saint and I’m not pointing fingers because I too was that girl who went above and beyond to impress man. To go a step further, I’m also guilty of not showing my true self. I often ponder if I should post religious based things on my social networking, not because I’m afraid but because I know how much of a touchy subject religion is. Then one day it hit me that I shouldn’t care what others think. If they like it or agree they will comment or “like” it and if not they can unfriend me or Unfollow me, besides I’m not here to please them. This mindset took time to develop and is a result of spending time with God.

When you spend time with God what truths have been revealed to you? Are you living to impress man or God? Who are you, are you one person online and someone else in reality? Find yourself by spending more time with God and caring less what man think of you, for God’s opinion is what matters most.

Be Blessed.

Peace, Love, Ash. <3


Altreneasha Ashley
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